Reconnecting you with your intuition to live a life that feels so good.

Do you live your life according to the 'should's'? Do you find yourself ignoring your initial gut feeling because it feels a bit scary to follow it? Do you just simply want to be a little more in the moment and a little less stuck in your head? All whilst experiencing the *more* you're yearning for?

You're in the right place. 

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I'm Chloe, the world's first and only Freestyle Coach.

I inspire and support people to sprinkle some freestyle into their life and then experience the shifts, ease and amazing things that come as a result. 

"I can't thank Chloe enough for helping build my confidence to be doing things I never thought I would be doing. Thanks to Chloe's inspiring nature, I have completely changed my life for the better. If you're wishing for anything to be different, or to have a constant fuzzy feeling of enjoyment, Chloe's the coach for you. It's impossible for you to regret it." - Steph

So what is Freestyle?

It's an understanding. Connecting with your intuition, your gut feelings, your instincts.

It's doing the things that feel right, rather than what you think you 'should' be doing.

It's simplifying and bringing yourself into each and every moment, drinking up all the deliciousness life has to offer, no more guilt, sacrifice or compromise.

It could be creating a business that is an extension of you. One that doesn't feel like work. One where when you get paid actual money you think "I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this."

It's believing in yourself in a way you never have before. Unleashing your superpowers and creating what felt impossible before Freestyle got involved.

It's about having the confidence to show up in a beautifully authentic way and speaking from a place of feeling, knowing you're totally ok and safe to do so. 

It's an innate trust that is just there, all of the time and one that can change the way in which you live the rest of your life. 

Freestyle is being.

There's no rules.

No check list.

No extra work.

No extra effort.

Just being absolutely cool with where you're at and knowing that you can do whatever you desire to do, it's knowing what action to take or not take in order to get there... that's where I step in.

As The Freestyle Coach, I'm passionate about reconnecting people with their intuition. Showing them an easier way to live life, but one that's also so very exciting. I'm incredibly passionate about business, and I believe that everyone has the ability to build brands and businesses that are a true reflection of themselves and I've supported many people to do just that.

So what is work/life flow?!

My ultimate mission is to get as many people as possible feeling work/life flow. I challenge the popular notion of work/life balance being the goal and instead believe it needs to be revolutionised. 

Work/life flow is where every area of your life seamlessly intertwines as one. Where work meets play. Business meets pleasure. Life is life. No more choosing. Be gone the juggling act so many of us feel. Why should areas of our lives be compartmentalised? Shouldn't we be present in every moment regardless of what we're doing... Besides, we only ever have the right now, so it seems a shame to be wishing you were anywhere else but there. 

The ease that comes with feeling this way is indescribable. It's not hard work. In fact it's the total opposite - complete effortlessness as you experience life in whatever form it takes. Opening yourself up to all the opportunities you may have otherwise missed, and realising that you absolutely can do it, it doesn't have to be at some point in the future, it can be now.


I'm Chloe, ideas machine, creator, mum of 3, wife, speaker, coach, mentor, and big believer of people... I've chosen to live my life on my terms every single step of the way, never compromising on what felt right. Always freestyling, always experiencing, always creating the impossible. I’m completely independent and I don’t subscribe to ideologies or popular schools of thought to help my clients. It’s totally intuitive and bespoke and all about supporting each individual to reconnect with their intuition, trust their gut, and giving them the confidence to show up in an authentic way. A way that makes them feel invincible.