Freestyle Coaching:

(It is with huge gratitude and appreciation that I’m fully booked until 2019 with 1:1 clients. If you’d like to get your name on the waiting list please get in touch or alternatively there are a few spaces available for a one off Freestyle call or an in person 1:1 session. More information below.)

This is my signature coaching package. An opportunity for you to work with me 1:1 and have the dedicated time and support to truly implement freestyle into your life. The shifts my clients experience as a result of this are outstanding and the foundation can make such a tremendous difference to lives in such a short space of time.

If you've been interested in working with me, but don't have a business idea as of yet, or if you're working for a company, or if you're unemployed, or at home with the kids but you just know something needs to change, then this is the package for you. 

Business or no business, this is the start of banishing the self doubt, the comparison, the sticky thoughts, the external circumstances, whatever is stopping you from simply doing what you feel the desire to do... 

By becoming a 1:1 client of mine you're taking the first most empowering step to taking charge again. You're taking the inspired action you so want to take and setting that precedent for the rest of your life. You aren't being held back anymore. You're setting the intention that you deserve to be seen, you deserve to be heard and you deserve to give yourself the chance to simply lead with your instincts and welcome what comes as a result of that.

This is the moment you prioritise you. This is the moment you listen to that fizzy feeling in your body right now, and we ignite the flame together to set your soul on fire.  

The Freestyle Foundation coaching package:

  • 8 weeks of dedicated 1:1 intuitive coaching creating a totally bespoke package perfect for you

  • We'll kick off with an in person session together

  • Weekly 60 minute coaching calls - the shifts, inspiration and 'light bulb moments' during these calls are so exciting

  • Unlimited support between calls for the duration of our time together

Please click the link below to arrange a time for us to have a chat and see if this is the package for you.


What does working with me on a 1:1 basis look like?

It looks like effortlessness, it looks like ideas, it looks like fulfilment, it looks like excitement, it looks like ease, it looks like being present in every moment, it looks like growth, it looks like momentum, it looks like expansion, it looks like fun, it looks like conversation, it looks like laughter, it looks like belief, it looks like confidence, it looks like learning, it looks like unleashing and it looks like BEING. 

What could you expect from working with The Freestyle Coach?

I have spent the past nearly ten years learning about or growing successful businesses that fit seamlessly into my home life as a mum of three young children. I fuze together purpose, passion and profit to create something that feels magical. You don't need to find a gap in the market, you don't need to think of a niche, you don't need to be super clever, have so many years of experience, or a long list of qualifications to do what you love. You just need you. You could come to me having absolutely no idea what you want, you just want *something* to change, you feel within you that there's more and you aren't sure how to access it. 

I have helped inspire so many new businesses by listening, providing ideas and helping people to build something completely aligned to them, even before they can see the 'how'. So from working with me, you could expect a monumental shift to occur during our time together, but one that doesn't feel like hard work, one that doesn't require you to 'do' anything you don't want to do, and you can expect to feel the buzz, energy and fizzy feelings on a regular basis. 

The Freedom to Freestyle call:

This mini coaching session is the perfect way to get you started. The call lasts 60 minutes and I'll hold the space for you to speak honestly and openly about wherever you're at in life right now and help guide you towards the next steps to where you'd love to be. I'm an ideas machine, so although this is only an hours session, you'll finish the call feeling excited and ready to take your next step which could catapult you forwards in a way you'd never have thought possible. 

Investment: £150

The in person Freestyle session :

This in person three hour coaching/mentoring session enables me to gain a real solid insight into your life and business (or business ideas/dreams.) It's a mega step towards achieving your goals and I'll be able to intuitively support you in whatever area you choose - or a mix of everything. Not only do we have the time to delve deep into your alignment, intuition, and start exploring an understanding that'll transform the way you live life and do business, but we'll also be able to get into the business details too. From business plans, ideas, social media, marketing, websites, email lists, content creation and PR - there is no area I can't support you with, from my toolkit of knowledge and experience in creating and growing successful businesses of my own and also curating successful brands for my clients. 


Investment - £295