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I’m Chloe, a fellow human being who follows her instincts and lives a life that feels good. I also inspire and support other human beings to do the same.

Some facts about me:

  • I have three young children

  • I LOVE music (take me for a dance and don't expect to leave before 3am)

  • I'm the average height of a 12 year old 

  • I met my husband the week before my 16th birthday and we have been together ever since

  • My biggest boy Teddy has Type 1 Diabetes, wears an insulin pump and is awesome

  • I’m the eldest of 7

  • I have a Triple Distinction Level 3 National Diploma in Business which I finished whilst in the depths of the first trimester fog (whilst pregnant with Ted)

  • I'm a coffee snob

  • I was the youngest working Doula in the UK

  • My mum and 5 of my siblings live in Australia 

  • My most visited place is a coffee shop

  • My favourite TV shows are New Girl (I cry with laughter) Grey's Anatomy (I cry with sadness) and Scandal (Shonda Rimes is a mastermind)

  • I've had drinks at 10 Downing Street 

  • I have supported hundreds of women and their partners on their journey to parenthood

  • I have a ridiculous laugh (think witch)


I joined the crazy but wonderful world of motherhood at 18 years old to my gorgeous Teddy. So I have also spent the entirety of adult life as a mother - juggling parenthood with business. I have since gone on to have two more gorgeous children; Lincoln and Fleur and our family is complete. Through all of this evolution I’ve constantly experienced business growth and expansion. Often having my best ideas in the midst of breastfeeding or ninja creeping out of a bedroom! I don’t believe that just because I’m a mum to three young children I shouldn’t be able to do the other things I’m super passionate about too.

You see, I have created businesses that grow, and can be sustained with very little effort, except for showing up as myself, whenever I choose. 

I love conversation, I love connecting with people, I’m open, I'm receptive and I enjoy listening.

I love people. I believe in people. I genuinely believe you are the greatest version of you right now... no self development necessary. Sometimes you just need someone to help you to see it, and with that belief you can go on to do amazing things.

Ever since I was very young I’ve been described as an ‘old soul’ and ‘a wise head on young shoulders’ - all the while being relatable to so many based on previous experiences. Just like most, I have been through good, bad, painful, hard, easy, challenging, sad, confusing, exhilarating, exciting, amazing and all of it makes me exactly who I am right now. I wouldn’t change a thing. 

I have always, sometimes without knowing it, chosen to live life on my terms. Freestyling my way through it all. Letting my intuition lead me, without getting too stuck in my head. I always went with what felt good, rather than the words that made 'actual sense' and by doing so I've felt the momentum of life and enjoyed every single extraordinary ordinary moment for what it was: The now.

I have only ever done things my way, the way that felt right, listening to my instincts. Now is the time for me to show up, speak and teach the world to do the same. Their way. 

It's going to be an exciting adventure - want to join me?