The scary path...

Because of your story, your current path had led you to here...


It's led you to start BELIEVING, to start WONDERING.. is there MORE in me than what I'm offering right now? Am I ENOUGH to be able to create something I'm PASSIONATE about & that I ACTUALLY WANT to spend my days doing? Something that doesn't make me snooze my alarm ten times before dragging myself out of bed & instead LIGHTS ME UP because CAN'T WAIT to get up & get going.

It doesn't even feel like work. We are led to believe from being tiny humans that work is HARD. It takes up ALL our ENERGY, most of our TIME, & amongst all of this it's usually for someone else's advantage. To pay for someone else's big house, fancy car, plush lifestyle. While your dragging yourself out of bed & out the house every morning earning shitty money for yourself but BIG money for them.

For the BOSS, who is reaping all the rewards NOW from finding themselves on this path that you're on, however long ago, but your boss TOOK ACTION. Your boss BELIEVED, your boss WONDERED, they CREATED, they made MORE.

Now, ask yourself the question: are you going to choose the path that seems easier right now, & continue doing what your doing, or imagining your future in a way that feels mediocre & ok just to reach stepping stone after stepping stone? Or are you going to CHOOSE the path that seems a bit scary, that seems a bit out of reach, but that fills you with rumbling in the tummy excitement & lights a FIRE within you that at the moment is on the cusp of sparkling? Are YOU going to STEP INTO YOUR SUPER POWER & BE A BOSS?

Be thankful to all the things that have led you to this moment, because in this moment you could make a CHOICE to CHANGE your path. Do you BELIEVE you are BOSS enough to go down it? 

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