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Combining ten years of knowledge and understanding learning about business, with years of real life, practical experience as a multiple successful business owner, whilst growing and raising three young children and all mixed up together with my ‘freestyle’ understanding (simply the way I see, live life and do business.) I’m offering this mentorship as your complete, one stop shop for business magic and to live a life full of fulfilment, opportunity, success and happiness. 


What does a dream day in business look like for you? 


I make a coffee (obviously) and the kids are all still asleep (because in this dream day they sleep till gone seven) and I have time to sit and just be for a little while I go through the days plans. I get ready in peace, so I’m not rushing around like a maniac, and the kids then wake up and we sit and cuddle on the sofa while they have their milk and I give them my undivided attention. (Dream day remember.) The usual hustle and bustle of the pre school run then begins and I’m compromising with one of them with what to eat for breakfast. (Some things will never change, not even in my dreams.) 

Off we go and two of the three are dropped off happily at school, and Fleur and I sing all the way home, probably Beyonce. Our nanny arrives and I know their going to have a wonderful day together (Fleur adores her) so off I go guilt free after big kisses and cuddles goodbye. I stop off for a large latte and to catch up on emails and my inbox is full of Paypal notifications telling me I’ve been paid, signed contracts from new clients, enquiries from prospective clients, and amazing updates from current clients, a request to contribute to an incredibly popular blog, loads of new subscribers to my YouTube channel and another invitation to speak at a mega event. 

After spending as much time as I have responding, catching up with my PA and feeling the tingly tum myself that I pass on to my clients, I’m off to a branding session with a Freestyle Brand Mentoring 1:1 client whose life and business is transforming in front of our eyes. When they started working with me a month ago, they’d had an idea, but just no actual idea how to turn it from something they spend many moments of the day thinking about - into real life. I knew instantly, and I knew I’d obliterate any expectations they had when it came to what they could do and achieve, how long it would take to grow a successful, profitable business but most importantly how they’d feel on the journey. They were not only free-styling more than they ever had, but they were having fun, creating, doing, being, and all whilst parenting, not sacrificing anything, not compromising, and building a business they were not only passionate about, but that felt like it was a total extension of them. 

They were living a full, exciting life in a way that felt effortless all whilst making money for what simply felt like showing up exactly as they are. People told them they couldn’t do it. People said it would never work, that they’d never earn enough money, that it was nothing but a dream. Well, all my client had to do was listen to their gut, believe it wouldn’t lead them wrong, and take a step into the unknown by working with me. Now their dreams are coming true.

We finish our branding session off with a delicious lunch (because I like to have fun and celebrate with my clients!) and then I’m off to a venue to finalise details for a business workshop I’m running the following week. I love seeing a vision come to life, and this workshop is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Something a bit different, something that goes deeper, where you have those moments where you feel ‘actual stuff,’ but at the same time walk away with real, solid, know-how and tips that will absolutely make a massive difference to your brand and business, instantaneously. I have the usual mash up of nerves/anxiety/excitement/buzz/gratitude but walk out of that room feeling on top of the world. I’d sold all tickets with a fortnight to spare and unlike an event I’d held the year before I won’t be needing to spend the week of the workshop doing last minute plugs and advertising. This is a truly incredible position to be in and I’m always pinching myself. 

Twelve months ago, I was struggling to find one client a month, and now I have a waiting list. Even back then though I knew it was working out exactly as it was meant to. I never tried to be like anyone else, I wasn’t a copy cat, I didn’t do things that didn’t feel right. I was finding my feet. I was like a kid in a sweet shop with all these awesome ideas and wanting to make every single one of them happen right now, but I wasn’t giving enough to any of them to turn them into what they could be. Then I figured out what to do, very naturally, organically (I’m totally independent so don’t subscribe to other people’s ‘stuff’) and since then, put one foot in front of the other and gave my all to the thing I loved the most (business wise) and took it one step at a time. All the way to the now. As I walk back to my car I can’t help but grin like a Cheshire Cat and feel very bloody proud. 

I drive home, grab Fleur and then we get the boys from school together. We chat all the way back about their day and contemplate what to have for dinner. James is finishing work a bit earlier than normal so we decide when he gets home we’ll head out to eat and I tell the kids they can choose entirely on their own where they’d like to go. I’m met with giggles and cheekiness which makes me pretend to regret my decision, but actually the fun is so worth an evening off from eating healthily. It’s all about balance right? James gets in and is met with kisses, love and excitement. He has a big smile on his face and is really enjoying his job. (Especially now the pressure financially has been removed and he’s able to spend more time doing the things he loves rather than feeling the need to cross the T’s and dot the I’s to ensure we have enough to pay the mortgage and bills every month.) 

My success rubs off on him hugely, not just from a work satisfaction point of view but from a general contentment and happiness one. He feels back in control, fulfilled, motivated and just in less of a grey cloud worrying about money. (I’ve always been the spontaneous one, living beyond our means, spending money we didn’t necessarily have in that moment… it’s led me to here though right so it was money and investing I absolutely had to spend ;-)) 

Now I feel close to financial freedom. I always believed I’d get here, but I never imagined it could happen so fast. By no means have I hit my money goals yet, but I’m enjoying the adventure of getting there. I’m enjoying playing with money, playing with business, playing with life. Teddy and Lincoln tell daddy the good news about dinner and off we go, with a quick stop on the way to look around our new house. (I’m a house and interiors addict so I couldn’t go through my whole dream day without featuring it somewhere.) We’d been wanting to move since Fleur was born so the boys could have their own room, but we just couldn’t afford to get a house we loved in the right location and I didn’t want to move just for the sake of it.

So we’d been waiting and waiting till we had enough money, and till we found the place that felt right, and after I’d had three consecutive five figure months we dared to go exploring. There it was, five minutes down the road and absolutely idyllic. Now, I’d needed to continue my five figure months in order to realistically afford to live in this dream house, and so we’d put the offer in (me knowing the money would absolutely come if I needed it,) sold our house and got the ball rolling. Last month we exchanged, and I’d secured a pretty huge deal the week before resulting in a blissful feeling of pure enjoyment. I’d done it. I’d actually followed through on all these crazy hopes, dreams, ideas and conversations I’d been having with anyone who’d listen. We move in this weekend, and I need to measure up for some new furniture to be ordered and I love running around an empty house (as do the kids) so the past month we’ve been going often to just drink in all the deliciousness. To enjoy the process, rather than wish it to hurry up. To just ‘be’ and feel excited about all the wonderful moments that are sure to take place in our new home. 

We return home with full bellies, (you can guess where we ended up for dinner!) Smiles on our faces, and ready to wind down for the day and get the kids ready for bed. While I’m pottering about organising things for the morning and tidying up, I’m keeping tabs on any further updates from clients and any messages that need responding to. I feel excited every time I go onto my emails because I never know what could be in there and I fully expect the unexpected these days. The pure magic and gratitude that comes with that is something that’ll never get old! After I’m up to date and the house is tidy (I can never fully relax in the evening until it is and this is a dream day remember!) I snuggle down with everyone and watch some of the film - (We’re doing yet another rerun of Harry Potter from start to finish and they obviously can only be watched in order) and am just totally present and consumed by the magical world of HP and the perfection of life as it is in this moment. Magic really isn’t just for Hogwarts.

We do bedtime together, with no rushing. No eagerness to bundle the kids into bed so we can try and muster an hour of downtime once the rest of the ‘stuff’ had been done, just a sense of calmness and contentment as we do the usual teeth, bedtime story and kisses. Once they’re in bed I pop on my yoga gear and head out to the most wonderful yoga class. I’d been wanting to make time for it for ages and ages, but something always took priority and I just never got round to starting. Well, a few months ago I decided there was no better time than right now and I knew it was something I desperately wanted for both my mind and body so I just did it. Everything else I was filling that time with could wait, what needs to get done will always get done. And this needed to get done! 

I float back home feeling amazing and I spend the remainder of my evening laughing and talking with James and making plans, engaging with comments on my Instagram, noticing the opportunities all around me and writing content for various platforms. (Namely the book I’d got a publishing deal for just before we’d exchanged - Yes THAT was the mega deal!) 

Now, that may seem like a lot of ‘work’ stuff, and not during just ‘work hours’. But that’s how I roll. I don’t choose, I just do what I feel like doing in each moment. If I didn’t want to show up on social media, be writing a book, or giving pep talks to clients, I simply wouldn’t be. If I wanted to spend my evening watching a boxset and doing bugger all else, I would. The thing is, I’ve created this life and business, that seamlessly intertwines in and out of my life. My life as Chloe, wife, mother, friend, daughter, business owner, coach, brand mentor, speaker, writer. None of it is separated or compartmentalised. I don’t feel like I sacrifice anything or need to compromise. I just live. 

I do what feels good, I follow my intuition, and by doing so I’ve created, built and grown a business that is just a total extension of me and feels absolutely mind blowing. Stepping out of my dream day now, that is real life for me. That’s what I’ve done and that feeling of work/life flow is the way I live - all in under nine months. Nine months since I dared to dream, since I lifted my gaze and let myself wonder if I could actually live my dream life… something that gave me that tingly tum all the time, something that lit me up and made me glow, something that gave me freedom and where there was no cap on what I could do and achieve. In nine months I’ve gone from starting right at the beginning again with an entirely new brand and business in an area I didn’t even really know existed, to where I’m at now. If I can do it, there really is nothing stopping you from living your dream life too.

When it’s right, there really is no telling how fast things can happen, and I don’t mean just financially. I mean feeling the work/life flow, and feeling so completely, innately happy regardless of what the adventure of life is throwing at you that you can just carry on. Simply living, having fun, playing, learning, creating, making money, growing and experiencing.


That, is success. 


So, what does your dream business day look like? Close your eyes, imagine, feel all the feelings you want to feel, enjoy the buzz and the tingly tum. Dare to dream… and who knows, you could be my dream client and your dream business day could be happening a lot sooner than you ever thought possible. And that’s what Freestyle Brand Mentoring is all about - turning your dream day into your real life. 

I’m right here waiting for you to take the step and follow your gut, celebratory lunches are just around the corner and I can't wait to celebrate with you!










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