The Bump & Baby Business Mentorship




Affordable, specialist business mentoring specially created for those in the bump & baby business industry, with flexible payment plans available. 

A very limited amount of spaces, if this feels right - follow your instincts and join me for what will be an incredible four weeks together!


Are you passionate about supporting families during pregnancy, birth, and postnatally?

Are you struggling to stand out?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of 'competition'?

Are you wondering month by month where your next client is coming from?

Are you excited about your work but not so excited about the business stuff?

Are you just wishing it all felt a little easier and you knew exactly what you were doing?

Are you wanting to create and grow a successful business in the bump and baby business world but without sounding too sales orientated and pushy?

Are you desperately wanting some financial return for the amount of time and energy you're putting into your business?

Are you ready to take a step forwards now in the direction of your goals and start feeling the fun, excitement and happiness? Whilst also feeling the clarity and confidence to show up in an authentic way where your business is on your terms?

Then this is for you.

I've created this online four week mentorship to support women in exactly this position. Those that are passionate about what they do but just aren't confident in the business side of things. Or that want to experience a new, revolutionary way of doing business that actually feels good, where you feel that all over body buzz that comes from creating and growing a brand that's a complete extension of you. 

This mentoring programme will help you to stand out in what can sometimes feel like a very busy and overwhelming industry. Having spent five years in the midst of it myself, and creating 6 different businesses in all areas of the birth world, I've got you. I've been there. I know how you feel. 

Combining my real life knowledge and experience of this industry, plus my coaching and mentorship experience of supporting others to create and grow their own successful bump and baby businesses, I've created this four week mentoring programme that'll enable you to show up in a way that has your ideal clients coming to find you, rather than you trying to find them, or worse - taking on anyone just to get the work.

What's included?

  • A private facebook group where we'll hang out together for the duration of the four weeks
  • Intuitive personal mentoring by me to really get to know you and your business on tap Monday - Friday
  • Weekly live, specialised trainings covering - Social Media, Content Creation, Websites, Mailing Lists, PR and more
  • A community of women all feeling what you're feeling, and a support network to grow with, collaborate with, and where endless opportunities could arise from
  • The clarity, confidence and excitement to go forwards and create the bump and baby business of your dreams

What's the investment?

For the whole mentoring programme the investment is only a one off payment of £395. (Crazy!)

OR 3 x monthly instalments of £150.

OR 6 x monthly instalments of £85.

Even though the full price is only £395, I still wanted to break it down into varying monthly instalments to make this accessible for those that really want this RIGHT NOW and don't necessarily have a few hundred pounds sat in the bank. Again, I've been there, and I feel this all inclusive business mentoring should be available to those that feel the desire to step up, show up, and have access to the amazing content that I'm going to give in order to take your bump and baby business to the next level. AND that don't want to wait until the next time this becomes available again. I know that when I get a feeling and want something, I want it now! 

The value this will bring to your business or future business is MEGA and I'm genuinely thrilled to be able to do this at this price.

There are VERY LIMITED SPACES so each of you get the time and attention you deserve, so if you feel in your gut that this is for you and exactly what you need right now then come and join The Bump & Baby Business Mentorship.

This is my area of speciality, and if you're going to take a chance on anything, take a chance on this. It'll transform the way you do business.

All you have to do is click on the relevant button for how you'd like to pay, and you'll be directed to Paypal. Then, you'll receive an email giving you the instructions of how to join our private Facebook group and then voila! You're in and all ready to get going on Monday. If you're busy over the coming month that's totally ok too - you'll have access to all the content forever so it's there for you for whenever you're ready to use it.  This really is a no brainer ;-) 

Hope to see you over in the group gorgeous lady - and let's start building that beautiful business of yours in a way that feels like a complete extension of the wonderful human YOU are.